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Mosquitoes are not only a nuisance to humans but also transmit diseases such dengue fever filarial these diseases continue to claim thousand of human I world mosquitoes have four distinct stages in their life cycle egg larval-pupal are little stagnant water is necessary for mosquitoes to breed there are three main

1).Aedes Aegypti


2).Culex Quinuefasciatus


3). Anopheles Stephensi

Aades aegypti (dengue fever mosquito)

The Aades aegypti is the main transmitter of dengue fever yellow fever Aades mosquito has a black body and legs have white spots and stripes they are known as tiger mosquitoes dengue mosquito are active in the day time early morning and late afternoon they breed on clean water on tree holes buckets and flower pots dengue mosquito is mainly present in tropical.

Culex quinquefasciatus (Tropical house mosquito)

This mosquito is known as the tropical house mosquito culex transmits filariasis (elephantiasis) filaria mosquito are night bitter culex is brown in colour and breeds on polluted water such as drains blocked canals culex is present in tropical countries.

Anopheles stephensi (malaria mosquito)

Malaria mosquito is the most common form of disease caused by mosquitoes in south Asian and middle eastern countries anopheles is a night bitter and has white and red spots on its wings they breed mainly ground seepage stream ponds.