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Flies belong to the order Diptera the term Diptera means two wings the including egg larval-pupal and adult stage the adult files are black yellow and flies regurgitates food from their gut as they feed flies are disease transmitting on rotting fermenting or least moist organic matter there are three main types of

1).House fly


2).Blow flies

3).Fruit Flies

House fly (musca domestica)

House fly is common worldwide adults are active fliers and are highly mobile breeds on rotting vegetable matter or human or animal faces house fly has short life cycle adult would be 6mm in length grayish in color having pale stripes on the thorax pale yellow colour under side the abdomen having large red eyes house fly has shown to harbor over many diseases like typhoid fever cholera diarrhea dysentery tuberculosis these disease pathogens are transmitted through their faeces vomit and external body.

Blow Flies (Calliphora vicina)

Blow flies are commonly called the blue bottle larger than house fly adult would be 11mm in length shiny metallic blue or green in colour they have a loud buzzing sound when flying blow flies are short life cycled breeding in carcasses meat blow flies transmit many disease like diarrhea cholera typhoid are few of many disease they transmit.

Fruit Flies (Drosophila spp)

Fruit flies are common out door insects fruit flies are small 2mm in length and yellowish brown in colour they are active in the morning they are short cycled and breed on rotting vegetable fruits milk fruits flies transmit disease and they could be a nuisance.